Our consultants are also experienced in undertaking bespoke assignments tailored to your own needs. We would love to hear from you to discuss your own needs.

Our core service offerings are listed below:

Business and Strategy DevelopmentBusiness and Strategy Development

We can support you in the development and growth of your organisation, helping to lead on the Business Development agenda, maximising opportunities in competitive markets.

We work as an integral part of your business, helping to enhance and embed the understanding of Business Development and Marketing – helping staff to appreciate the importance of these functions to its success.


Sales and MarketingSales and Marketing

We can also take responsibility for the development of your sales and marketing strategies. Working as an integral part of your business, we can help embed marketing and branding arrangements.




Bid and Tender Management

We integrate with your bid team, allowing you to focus on the technical content, whilst we coordinate the bid, manage the design and presentation, ensure consistency and take care of the editing and reviewing processes. Some examples extracts of previous tenders can be viewed here:
Download  Sample Bid 1      Download  Sample Bid 2
Download  Sample Bid 3      Download  Sample Bid 4


Stakeholder Engagement

We can help you with your pre-bid stakeholder engagement strategy. Engagement provides opportunities to further align your products and services with your customers’ needs long before they enter into the formal procurement process. Miller Heiman research shows that up to 40% of the buying decision is made pre procurement, and so getting this right is vital.



Partnership Development

As the Public Sector commissioning landscape evolves, more services are likely to be ‘bundled’ together by Local Authorities, NHS Commissioners and Education. It is likely that you will need to find partners in order that you can respond effectively to these opportunities. Our experience leaves us well placed to assist you to make the necessary connections.



Bid Process Design and Implementation

Organisations that manage the bid process as a project will always fair better. They demonstrate to the client that they are effective, focused, prepared and professional. We can help to design and embed a bid process (including bid governance) that will work for you.




Account Management

Our interim Account Managers can help develop and manage the relationship with your clients. The Account Manager serves to understand your customer’s demands, plan how to meet these demands and generate sales for you as a result.




Salesforce / CRM Development

Before we do anything we want to spend some time to learn about your business and the market/s you are operating in – after all you are the experts in your field. We really want to understand the challenges that you are facing Together we tailor your solutions in order to deliver value and help differentiate your business and make you even more competitive.



Business Development Change Management

We understand that change management requires thoughtful planning and sensitive implementation. At Nine Yards Consulting we use proven techniques that will help ensure any changes that you make become embedded.




Business Development Project Management

We can help manage the delivery of your Business Development projects. These can be various shapes and sizes, from the small and straightforward to the extremely large and complex.

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